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Authoritarian Tendencies (EN)

Authoritarian Tendencies (EN)

. 1 min read
When compared to Hungary or Poland, indeed, Romania displays a different set of political circumstances, but no specific safeguards against authoritarianism – Romania is simply slower to act. In the period from 2020 to 2028, Romania will have a single (mega-)electoral year: 2024. The obvious danger is that authoritarianism may be firmly consolidated by 2028, or that another violent revolution may ensue. The ‘alliance’ discussed above should seek the political means to amend the Constitution by 2024, to improve accountability in all branches of government, to eliminate OUGs, and to replace the adjudication mechanism for political conflicts. If successful, authoritarianism may be averted in Romania – but that goal may require cooperation, vision and leadership at levels and intensities never before witnessed in Romania.

Full article on pp. 50-61 of EasternFocus 1 (pdf, 15M), launched in Brussels, earlier last week. GlobalFocus Center announced the first issue of this new international affairs quarterly/magazine on their website. I'm honored to see my name in such a select company—thank you!