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Handling Criticism (EN, sync)

. 1 min read

I’ve been absent from this blog (as well as Twitter, Google+ and other virtual places) for almost 2 weeks and, believe me, the stats do show! I’m aware that a post in English won’t bring back a lot of readers. But, given this week’s theme for sync-blogging with my little not-blue spades biking on berliner bass, I can’t wait for your feedback 🙂 Now, to be frank, I must say I’ve been sort of absent even from my life for the past 2 weeks—and the “stats” show it over there, too 🙁 And, while it’s been a valuable time, with lots of progress and incredibly happy developments on the professional side of my life, I’m up for criticism, for hurting a friend…

As a kid, learning the alphabet, I remember I was told that “c” looks like on of those handles on a casserole. Seeing that criticism has 2 such “handles,” one would imagine that handling criticism must be easy, right?!? 😉 Well, it’s only easy when you stick your head in the dirt, like the proverbial ostrich; but, boy, beware of the slap in the face you get the next time you stick your head out! In my case, totally justified, utterly deserved after 2 weeks out, I got my slap in the face just yesterday… I’m still learning how to get over it myself live with myself after being such a jerk with a friend that didn’t deserve to be treated that way…

Am I good with handling criticism?!? I don’t think so! I’m only now learning how to do that, actually I’m only now learning how to acknowledge criticism, after this year that taught me so much… Yes, I make mistakes, but that’s not an excuse—it’s only the first step in acknowledging how my (in)actions affect others, then to be followed by assuming responsibility and fixing that behavior… Reflecting on Q23 of 4 months ago, I may have stated an aspiration then, while I only now realize that it’s my move—better late than never, I’d add… Sorry, my friend, I apologize and I’ll attempt to fix it—and if I can’t find the handles, I’ll just make them from scratch 🙂