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Epilogue, 1996 (EN)

. 1 min read

There was a time in my life, when I briefly wrote poetry. I was an exchange student in the States, and felt somewhat estranged, alienated, tormented. Also, I was very dark and judgmental, even vengeful at times, as I know I’ve been for a long time, but I’m trying to find a cure 🙂 [You know I’m going through changes…] As most of my writings from that period (including the more optimistic ones) were saved on 3.5” disks, I’m not sure I can retrieve and impart all of them on this blog. But this one got published in the Idol, so I guess they don’t mind my reposting it here, with some minor corrections 🙂 Have a great weekend!

I, one day, came to think
that you have killed a part of me,
but now I wonder, “Did you, really?”
I just believe we’re diamonds in the dark,
and we need lovelight to uncover
the multitude of facets that build up
the karats value of our souls.
And, furthermore, I guess each facet
is actually a butterfly,
which lends the beauty of its colored wings
to every wrinkle on one’s face.

Alas, the butterflies live short,
and diamonds puddle in the mud…

Your ice-cold looks have cut a clod
deep in the middle of my forehead,
and tears of blood washed off the rust
that covered, once, a facet of my soul.
You’ve, thus, just brought to life a little,
fragile and ugly caterpillar,
that’s gonna soon turn to cocoon,
then live in yet another fall,
be slaughtered by some other looks,
deep wallow in some other tears,
get buried in another wrinkle,
and brisk the laughter on my face
when I’m alive out in the lovelight,
while you are dead in egotistic dark…