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Live and Exclusive—the Quality of Our Media (EN)

. 2 min read

I saw something today that made me smile 🙂 While taking the pictures, I thought of the overall quality of Romanian media, especially of our news channels… Needless to say, I don’t think too highly of them 🙁 Now, imagine the following dialog happening on your TV screens, and you be the judge…

Anchor, right after commercials:
Welcome back! Let’s turn our attention to this breaking news: Aside from the scorching heat that created tremendous problems for our agriculture, it appears that hurricanes and hail managed to compromise the latest chance for this year’s harvest. Our reporter on the ground will now tell us exactly what’s happened–live and exclusive!

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, a terrible situation has developed here, after a brief hurricane has hit the town with terrible hail the size of regular eggs! I’m talking here with Mr. Popescu who witnessed today’s events, while working on the harvest–he’s now soaking wet after the rain, he’s a little bruised after the hurricane swept away his ladder, but he’s seen and held those terrible hails first hand! What’s your opinion about the harvest, Sir?


Mr. Popescu:
Well, what do I know? It’s been a little rough, indeed, but, hey, this is something that happens at least once every year in our region… But it’s gonna be tough on the harvest, indeed… I mean, on my harvest, ‘cuz it can’t be that tough all over the place! It ain’t raining and hailing at my cousin’s, on the other side of the river, you know… I’m just thinkin’ I should’ve paid for that damned insurance 🙁 But we’ll get by–we still can use the cables for something else…


As you can see, the cable harvest is now compromised for the year! Aside from the scorching heat that affected the harvesting capacities, now the hail simply ruined the cable harvest, and lack of insurance is bound to deepen the overall economic crisis! We’ll talk about this new topic right after the break, to try and understand exactly what the government should do about this, what are the possible ways for intervention, and who’s to blame for these horrid effects on all tax-payers. After the break, we’ll contact experts on hail, cables and insurance, as well as the Prime Minister’s office, to learn more about this new crisis!