Our Secret DNA (EN)

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About a month ago, Reinhard came to Bucharest to document an article about the already infamous “secret protocols” and their impact on Romania’s judiciary and anti-corruption. Usually, we’d meet up for a beer and talk. But this time we simply talked over email, as I was out of town. From a bird’s eye view, I was telling him, Romanian decision-makers may have wanted to leave a mark in history, as forgers of democracy and rule-of-law in this country (with EU and NATO accession included). They had fought various political adversaries, and surpassed many legal obstacles or constitutional limitations in order to get there (sometimes disregarding the principle that two wrongs don’t make a right). But there was no villain, so there’s no story. To be more exact, they were all heroes and villains at the same time, and that’s why we find no genuine story to be told. [full article on telegraful.net]