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Retrospect (EN)

. 2 min read

I started blogging about 2 years ago last Friday, only after some heavy persuasion by a dear friend (and very active member of the UNCAC Civil Society Coalition) who’d literally pushed me in front of a computer 🙂 I’d written before, both in English and Romanian, but never really considered publishing my thoughts, unless specifically asked by some editor, such as my friends at Cadran Politic, Dilema Veche and EurActiv. The first time I felt the need to write about a hot topic, I was offered a helping hand, and published online.

But I prefer the hot scribble on specific and pressing matters related to the civil society oversight of Romanian public institutions or the calm reporting on trends related to the performance of Romanian administration, rather than the calculated writing that is specific to this kind of blog… Hence, I’m still searching for the right pace and tone that I should keep with my posts, admiring Turambar‘s tempo, Diacritica‘s vitality, the Codex‘s eloquence or the Corner‘s exactness, while aspiring to Kaufmann‘s relevance.

My first blog entry (on the old platform of the UNCAC Coalition) gave a personal account of the GOPAC side-meeting at the 2nd Conference of State Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption. So I started with an international audience, and I continued to write for this primary target group–only now I write more about good governance, rule-of-law and integrity/anti-corruption in Romania… Thus, I acquired a secondary readership, of English-speaking Romanians 🙂 And I also started writing about other things, that are important to me…

In August 2008, I migrated here the contents from the old platform, and it seems that my blog started being indexed quite soon thereafter, in September–though I became aware of this tracker less then 6 months ago. Then, in July 2009, I started monitoring the traffic on my blog, but I’m still not sure how to use this latter tool 🙁 Indeed, I’m still searching for the right pace and tone 🙂 Anyways, by simply juxtaposing the Analytics and Zelist graphs, I see that I do better when I don’t write at all, as is quite visible from the 2 peaks corresponding to the summer and winter vacations 🙂


So I’d better find that right pace and tone, shouldn’t I?!? 😉